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Bedroom-pop丨天马行空的绮梦 – 陈北及–:– / –:–
lilies – Bedbug03:17
Late – Hovvdy02:34
Cool – Zack Villere02:05
paps – Euphoria Again01:20
flesh – jackie trash01:17
Baby – Ariel Pink,Dâm-Funk04:46
Brave – Hovvdy03:02
Three – Nice Legs02:48
Cards – Alex G02:37
spring – Bedbug03:45
Allison – Soccer Mommy02:39
Spoiled – Infinity Crush02:28
Badges – Yohuna03:49
Breathe – Saint Estrela03:35
Change – Euphoria Again02:14
dancing – mellow fellow04:42
Turnpike – Arrange03:32
Sincerity – MEISHI SMILE03:42
The time – Fog Lake01:47
Alluvians – Gus Dapperton03:19
Sweet FA – Peach Pit03:35
Peach Pit – Peach Pit04:47
Nice Boys – TEMPOREX03:00
Bassically – Tei Shi04:51
Hazy Past – Four Visions04:15
Sunflower – Rex Orange County04:12
sleepy cat – jackie trash02:35
Best I Can – Michael Cera,Sharon Van Etten03:19
Fisherman – Fenster03:23
Deep Web – Magic Potion03:47
Rearrange – Foxes in Fiction03:21
Boat Song – Elephant Parade02:21
Chinatown – Destroyer03:49
Watergaze – CASTLEBEAT03:39
Spirit Week – HAPPY TRENDY02:25
My Mystery – Destroyer05:17
Baby’s Arm – Kurt Vile03:48
Social Sites – Cosmo Pyke04:49
Mirror Flake – Cokiyu06:18
bubble gum – clairo02:55
Without You – Julia Brown02:39
Rock ‘n’ Roll – elvis depressedly01:56
It’s Not Love – Lontalius02:57
Austin called – Euphoria Again02:13
Blood Honey – Soccer Mommy04:27
A Little While – Yellow Days05:18
Home at Last – Homeshake03:12
Already Gone – Alvvays03:03
Despondency – Fog Lake02:19
Lo Que Siento – cuco05:12
internet crush – trashton,lawton03:10
Read My Mind – 03:45
Tiny Little Boy – Arrange03:12
Loving Is Easy – Rex Orange County,Benny Sings02:35
Lover Is A Day – cuco07:36
Lost Machines – Jonti01:54
Forever Asleep – Saint Estrela01:17
A Bag of Dutch – Yellow Days02:13
Nobody’s Baby – The Sweater I Gave You01:57
In Old Theaters – Arrange02:21
Catching Hours – Home Alone03:41
Lavender Blood – Fox Academy02:38
Thirteen Things – Elephant Parade04:06
Vintage Flowers – CASTLEBEAT04:12
This Little World – Pickle Darling02:52
Map to the Stars – Ducktails03:20
I Don’t Know You – The Marías03:32
Everything’s Cool – R.L. Kelly02:23
Star Takes A Rest – Cokiyu05:14
He Will Disappear – Inad03:07
Another Weekend – Ariel Pink04:08
Don’t Go To Sleep – T.E.C.,Shiloh Dynasty01:51
the future we hold – timbr04:42
Every Single Thing – Homeshake02:35
sorry i didn’t kiss u – Kling,clairo01:58
Only in My Dreams – The Marías02:50
A Feeling so Sweet – Lontalius03:24
things will fall apart – trashton,laptop funeral01:28
First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes03:08
Chomsky’s Sweater – Pickle Darling02:01
Choking On Flowers – Fox Academy03:28
Ones Who Love You – Alvvays03:47
Woke Up Felling Sad – R.L. Kelly03:24
When’d You Find Me? – Arrange04:16
Saturday Night Songs – Jonti01:59
Wakin on a Pretty Day – Kurt Vile09:30
Between the Channels – 03:56
Thou Shall Not Murder – elvis depressedly02:15
I’m Runnin’ for the Hills – Zach Schimpf03:22
Can You See It’s Bloom – Ricky Eat Acid02:46
A Song About Being Sad – Rex Orange County02:16
Headbanging in the Mirror – Ducktails03:34
See Me Wasting My Space – Hussalonia00:47
we used to talk every night – mxmtoon02:02
weird books and cigarettes – Amiga Herz02:03
Something For Your M.I.N.D. – Superorganism02:45
i love you very much forever – Horse Jumper of Love03:16
thoughts i have when i wake – Amiga Herz03:26
Don’t Run into the Dark so Quick – Jon Bap03:18
Trust Nobody Love, Nobody The Same – sagun,Shiloh Dynasty02:13
You’re Not the Only Monster From Hell – R.L. Kelly03:29

Bedroom-pop是indie-rock的一种,是一种舒缓的、制作简单趋于Lo-Fi的、有点超然物外的、恬静精致的不至于吵醒室友的小品音乐。Bedroom风格的音乐人将自己的歌定义为ceiling-gazing songs(望着天花板发呆时创作的歌),这恰恰反映了Bedroom系音乐的核心,就是发挥天马行空的想象力,吉他和人声延时的特点经常被大量使用。

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